Khana-Kharab; Experimental Indian Vegeterian Food for Bachelors

Objective: To share my experiments with cooking Indian food which shall serve as benchmark and gudie for neo cooks and bachelors to solve their hunger problems when away from home. This is also going to serve as early warning for cooking mishaps! Scope of Cooking: 1) Indian Food as of now; in future you may find Indian Avtaar of International food items 2) Vegetarian food 3) Gujarati food

Friday, November 03, 2006

Murphy's law in Cooking

Classical Laws

  1. Apparently identical actions produce apparently un-identical results.
  2. You deserve the food you cooked
  3. It works better if you plug it in (Sattinger's Law)
  4. If you cook, don't eat ...................Corollary: If someone else cooks, still don't eat
  5. While cooking, don't forget you have to eat that too
  6. All containers are always occupied
  7. When everything else fails, add Salsa
  8. You always find something the last place you look.
  9. Eat, tomorrow it could be cooked even worse (from Boob's Law)
  10. If recipe book can get wet, it will.
  11. To spoil the food too many cooks are not required
  12. Fill what's empty. Empty what's full.
  13. There is no item so easy that it cannot be fouled up.
  14. Once it is fouled up, anything done to improve it only makes it worse. (Finagle's Fourth Law)
  15. Established technology tends to persist in spite of new technology (Blaauw's Law)
  16. Anticipated events never live up to expectations


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