Khana-Kharab; Experimental Indian Vegeterian Food for Bachelors

Objective: To share my experiments with cooking Indian food which shall serve as benchmark and gudie for neo cooks and bachelors to solve their hunger problems when away from home. This is also going to serve as early warning for cooking mishaps! Scope of Cooking: 1) Indian Food as of now; in future you may find Indian Avtaar of International food items 2) Vegetarian food 3) Gujarati food

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Types of Daal

Daal Amiri: One which is thick and tasty

Daal Garibi: More water..less Daal

Daal Bhikhmangi: Difficult to find daal out of water

Daal Fakiri: Daal ho bhi ya na ho... kya farak padta hai?

Daal Gotamaar:Daal dhundhne ke liye gota marna padega...

Credits to: Badhir Amdavadi


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Blogger pinakin joshi said...

its nice..realy..enjoy to read it

December 28, 2011 3:49 PM  

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